What is a Link Wheel and how can it help your website rank high in the search engines?

LINK WHEEL is a buzzword in website SEO industry. A Link Wheel is one of the best and most efficient ways of building tiered links in the most powerful way to increase webpage ranking increases. Link wheels are clearly the most powerful examples of making use of the power of link multiplication to create backlinks for your website. If you don’t have the required knowledge to build backlinks for your website by using a link wheel – or if you do not have the required time it takes for it don’t worry, Link Wheel Pro is here to help you every step of the way.

Using the Link Wheel Pro link wheel service you will be able to increase your websites SERPs. Link Wheel Pro provides the highest quality link wheel service that’s rated #1 in the SEO industry. We have over eight years of experience in the SEO industry and SEM industry and we have helped over 6,000 websites rank high in the search engines by using various SEO techniques.

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  • Social Media Signals Usage
  • Websites used have a Mixed DoFollow and NoFollow attribute
  • Highly Flexible Packages (Open or Gaps in wheel, multiple layers, packages)
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The Link Wheel is a very powerful link building strategy because it tries to imitate natural human internet linking patterns and google and other search engines always love natural link building. Instead of getting links from unrelated websites and irrelevant sources, a link wheel gets it’s links from related pages on the internet. Furthermore, link wheels have the ability to multiply your link count over a given period of time because the link wheel pages link between each other and to your website or specific URL. Before the invention of the link wheel, private website networks were created in the effort to boost the ranking of particular websites, but the problem with these websites is that they easily raise suspicion because it look artificial because all of them just pointed to one target website. Link building through link wheel (also known as Link Pyramid or Link Prism) is an upgraded version of interlinking between a network of website pages. It’s proven to be one of the best and most efficient link building strategy.

So what is a link wheel?link wheel concept

In a nutshell a link wheel is a circular approach to creates links between high PR websites of various types that also link to your website.  Let’s say www.yourwebsite.com is the website whose ranking we are trying to increase. Many SEO backlink providers will try to make use of the Web 2.0 technology (interactive sites that encourage users to post content) to build simple backlinks and or if they are more sophisticate they will build tiered links. Tiered links are when a higher set of pages all link to another lower set which then links finally to your target URL.  There can be an unlimited number of layers, but anything more than 3-4 could be considered too watered down and not efficient and too few are too unnatural.

They use platforms such as Squidoo, Quizilla, Blogger, Weebly, WordPress, Blogger, Digg, etc., but over a recent period of time such strategies started losing their efficiency because they were unable to produce the desired link wheel effect and rank increase. Link Wheel Pro on the other hand has a different approach on the link wheel strategy which is more powerful and efficient. LinkWheel.Pro has a new link wheel strategy, which makes use of several tools and platforms rather than just single platform. We use Web 2.0 properties, blog posts and comments, article submissions and press release sites, social bookmarking and social media, forum posts, etc. Using the above mix of platforms, a linkwheel with a single gap is created.

The gap within the wheel creates the natural linking pattern on the internet and to the search engines, it will look very natural even though it is an artificially created link wheel.

Link Wheel Pro has done extensive research in this field and our method has been tested on a lot of websites to ensure the effectiveness of the concept it has developed. From what we have learned through our research, our link wheel strategy has never been penalized even with the current Google Penguin and Panda updates. We have the ultimate link wheel strategy for boosting your website’s ranking to the top positions in all the major search engines.