Understanding backlink building

Link Building is one of the key components of an SEO campaign to increase search engine ranking and therefore traffic to your website. To understand what firms that offer link building services do, let us start from the beginning by first learning about the basics of link building.

Link Building

In search engine optimization terms, link building describes all the actions that you take as a webmaster with the sole aim of increasing the quality and number of inbound links to your webpage, which in turn increases your search engine ranking. There are many types of links. They shall be discussed later in this article.

Building links does not ensure that a marketing campaign will be successful. It’s all down to the implementation of link building. This is because link building has rules and strategies and for this reason, link building is best performed by professionals.

Link Building Services

Link building services are provided by link building service firms who understand the rules and strategies of link building. They help you to apply links to your webpage in such a way that is within the rules to optimize your website for search engine optimization and to increase your page ranking. These firms help you build links that fall into one or more of the following types or categories.


This involves the exchange of links between two websites. This type of exchange is no longer an important part of the search engine optimization process. This is because search engines no longer believe that it is an indication of genuine popularity.


A resource link can be either one-way or two-way. They are basically hyperlinks to a website or specific webpage containing content that is relevant, useful and beneficial to the visitors of the site establishing the link. The resulting ‘link popularity’ is a measure of the number and quality of links to your website. Websites with the same subject matter carry more weight where resource links are concerned. The text used to link also helps search engines to categorize your website. If your business is a car dealership, a link to it titled ‘good car deals’ is helpful while ‘good value mattresses’ would be less useful.

Forum Signature Linking

Forum signature linking is used to build back links to a website. Here, you use forum communities that allow outbound hyperlinks in a member’s signature. When you post to these forums, you create a hyperlink in your signature that links back to your website. This can be a fast way to get inbound links to your website in order to increase its search engine optimization value.

Blog Comments

You can leave a comment on another webmasters blog with a relevant do-follow link to your website. Most times though, people leave comments on blogs that turn into a no-follow links.  No-follow links are useless in the eyes of search engines. If your comments are well thought out and relevant to the comments of other participants, then readers of the blog will click on your link to be transported to your website.

Directory Link Building

Link directories are lists of links to websites which are in categories. You can submit your website to many of these directories. Some directories are free while some are paid.

Social Bookmarking

You can save and categorize your web pages in a public location on the web. This is called social bookmarking. Because social bookmarks have anchor text, are publicly stored and shared, they are scanned by search engine crawlers and can increase your search engine optimization value.

These are basically the types of links that link building firms use to increase your page rank. Since search engines don’t value reciprocal links nowadays, the firms are now putting more emphasis on quality one-way links. For this reason, we shall give time and space to the discussion of one way link building service.

One Way Link Building Service

Since reciprocal links are no more wanted by search engines so much that culprits are even penalized, one-way link building service has now become the main thing in the world of search engine optimization and page rank. One way link building service means to get one-way permanent links from websites whose theme is related to yours. One-way link building service is also called niche one-way linking. They are so called because, if you are to have websites that have a related theme to yours link to your website, then it will be websites that offer related products and services. Therefore, you are in the same niche. Using our earlier example, if your business is a car dealership, then it will carry more search engine optimization weight if you had a car manufacturer or distributor link to your site than having a company that sold kitchen utensils.

Because of the complexity of one way link building service, you may not be able to do the work of creating the back links yourself. If this is so, you may want to hire a one way link building service firm. This usually improves your one way link building efforts.

As a result of the so many ways of implementing link building, firms have diverse emphasis on how they create your one way back links. They basically use any, some or all of the types we have discussed earlier. Some of them promise you thousands of links. If care is not taken, such firms might just land you in search engine trouble. In order to avoid this, you should have the following two phrases in mind when considering the issue of hiring a one way link building service firm. The phrases are, ‘quality link building service’ and ‘affordable link building service’.

Quality Link Building Service

Inbound links are very relevant for your website. They can increase your search engine rank substantially. This increase will then result in highly targeted web traffic flow for your website. You need quality link building service to ensure this. Most firms will promise you quality link building service to thousands of websites at various rates. Know that submitting your site to thousands of directories or spammy article spinning solutions will not add any search engine optimization value to your website. You should base your assessment of any quality link building service firm on the relevance, trust and authority of the sites that they can eventually get to link to your website. Their process of building the links to your website should be organic, with more emphasis on the quality of the links coming into your site rather than quantity.

For this quality link building service, firms will demand rates that vary from one firm to another as compensation. You should know that higher rates do not necessarily mean quality service. You should try to create a balance between quality and price. Look for a quality link service firm that can supply its services to you at a price you can afford. Apart from affordability, make sure the service will also impact on the optimization of you website for the search engines. There is no need for spending your hard earned money if the investment will not give you returns on investment (ROI). The second phrase, which is ‘affordable link building services’ is what you should always keep in mind when thinking about who should supply your quality link building service.

Affordable Link Building Services

Your affordable link building services does not have to be the cheapest of the lot. You should hire a firm that gives you link building services that improve your page rank but not at a cost that is over the roof. Whatever firm you choose should be able to provide you with tools you can use to calculate your return on investment in relation to how much you have invested. This will only be a way to show you that the firm knows what it is doing and is confident that it can produce results. With a little research, you will be able to find a very good firm that will provide you affordable link building services.

What you need to finally understand from all we have discussed is that, you design back links to increase your search engine optimization values. This in turn increases your page rank which gets you more visitors to your website. It is an acknowledged fact that one-way links are much more effective in building your sites reputation with the search engines. Nobody will link to your site if they were not sure that they will get just one thing in return. The one thing they want in return is relevant, timely, easy-to-read and informative content. No matter the firm you hire for your link building services or how much you spend, the fact remains that it is good content quality that will attract links to your website and increase your page rank.

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