The Link Wheel – Introduction

Your internet marketing success greatly depends on the link building techniques that you implement to improve the visibility of your website in the search engine results. Link wheel is a very good technique that can be implemented to enhance the performance of your website. Nowadays, link wheel is being considered as the most powerful aspect of Internet marketing and search engine marketing campaigns. Link wheel helps in forming a channel that can direct targeted traffic towards a website. As a matter of fact every SEO professional would know how to implement this technique in order to get better results. Link wheel is one of the best link building techniques that have been used for SEO purposes till date.

In order to improve the visibility of a website in the search engine results it is important to have good amount of good quality inbound links.

How is Link Wheel Different from Traditional Way of Link Building?

Link wheel is not only different from traditional way of link building but is also more effective than the latter. In traditional link building technique the approach is to get links pointing to your site from various other sites on the internet whereas in case of link wheel a wheel of links is created in the sense that a few high profile mini sites are created in web 2.0 platform such as social media, blogs, forums, special internet and community sites, etc. and they are inter connected in a wheel like structure. For example if you have 5 mini sites in a link wheel, then site1 will have two links one pointing towards your website and the second pointing to site2. Site2 in turn will point to site3 and your website and so on; in this way finally site5 will point to site1 and your website thereby creating a strong network of interconnected links in a wheel like structure.

Traditional method of link building includes submission of articles to article directories such as ezine, submission of newsletter and press releases. Reciprocal link exchange, forum posting, commenting on blogs and submission of websites to web directories are also part of ordinary link building techniques.  One link wheel will provide multiple links pointing to your site in a natural manner to which search engines like Google will have no objection. The best thing about link wheel is that you create the content for the mini sites. If you create content relevant to your site then the links will drive targeted visitors to your site. In case of traditional link building SEO professionals are interested in getting high PR links irrespective of the niche as a result of which many times inspite of getting traffic the website is not able to perform. Powerful content is what makes a link wheel effective. The content of each mini site should be relevant to your site, it should have the right keywords, the content should be unique for every site and last but not the least the content should not be less than 500 words in length. Although technically the content can be less than 500 words but in order to grab the attention of the visitors it is important to make use of well researched, lengthy, unique and SEO optimized content.

Link Wheel Strategy

As mentioned above link wheels will bring in multiple links from high profile sites. The links come from related niche and not from unknown websites on the internet. Link Wheel helps in multiplying the number of links pointing towards a website. These links look very natural as compared to the links developed by traditional link building technique.

Link wheel strategy is important for achieving success in your SEO campaign. The page rank of your site greatly depends on how the link wheel is implemented.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Link Wheel?

The biggest advantage of link wheel is that it can direct targeted traffic to your site. You will find new visitors to your site. A link wheel is more of less like a web. Since the content is relevant to your site it is quite obvious that the visitors to your site coming from these mini sites would be interested in the products and services that you have to offer. Performance of a link wheel only depends on one factor and that is – content. If the link wheel makes use of powerful content then nothing can stop it from enhancing the performance of your website.

A link wheel will significantly improve the visibility of your website. While creating the content it is important to focus on the people who would be reading it. The competition is tough and the content should offer something new. A simple rewrite of the articles already existing on the net will not do the magic. A page that has interesting content will act like a magnet and draw traffic towards itself. If the links are embedded in the content in the correct manner then it would be really make a great difference to the visibility of the website in search engine results.

Link wheel is easy to implement and is more effective than the traditional way of link building. There was a time when search engine optimizers tried all ways of link building mindlessly to get links pointing to their site but that is not the case with link wheel. All that you require is good content rest can be taken care of. Implementation of link wheel SEO technique is less stressful. The biggest advantage of link wheel is that it is guarantees sure shot customer satisfaction.

The biggest disadvantage of a link wheel technique is that creation of link wheel can take time. Ideally every mini site of a link wheel should have a unique and well researched content. If one is aiming to write 500-1500 word article for each mini site and a link wheel comprises of 6-7 mini sites then you can very well imagine how much time it would take to implement one link wheel. The success of link wheel also depends on the individuals who are creating it. If they don’t work on it sincerely then you may not notice any change in the performance of your website.

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