Top 7 tips for backlink building

Link building has gone through some transitions over the years and it can seem confusing to some whether or not their tactics are valid. In truth, most of the old honest ideas remain valid despite the many evolutionary steps of the search engines.

Here are seven rules to follow in utilizing the most appropriate link building strategies possible.

1. Quality content is king

Attention is given to content that is well-made and also is found in a well-known website. And by attention, I mean a lot of ways; by word of mouth, in social media, links, and many other ways.  Although it is also true that sometimes content can get the same attention despite it being less likely to be considered as ‘good’.  Occasionally, the credibility of the website, where these not-so-good contents are found, is more of more search rank value than the quality of its contents.   Overall, never underestimate the power of good content, mostly because it will naturally attract the attention and interest of the viewers and withstands future search engine algorithm updates with ease (and often benefits from them).

2. Good content in a poorly rated site will need some help to generate traffic

Good content posted in unpopular websites have less chances of producing as much buzz. When you take a diamond ring and wrap it in newspaper, chances are, no one will even bother to know what’s inside. The same is true for web building. If you have a good content in hand, it would be better to put it in a place where a lot of people usually come so that they can see what you are offering, hence, they will reward you with more frequent visits.  Building links of 3rd party websites is a must to get traffic coming to your new or unpopular (so far) website.

3. Make sure your prospect links look enticing to click on

Before you get ahead of yourself and take the link without much thought, think again. If your links are just links to your website without looking interesting or coming along with some informative content how likely are they to be clicked on?  Also don’t make a link that will attract people to click on it that aren’t your target customer.  Create links that you think will attack the target customer and actually result in a sale conversion.

4. Tag team tactics are better than single strategies

We’ve all seen how greatly the search engine world has evolved, and with it, some tactics used to remain on top also change or become obsolete. What may work today might not be as effective in the future. Therefore, it would be a good idea to employ as many different strategies as possible. In doing so, your website will be able to thrive even when some of your tactics have lost its shining glory.  Get help, do your research, try to come from different angles such as Social media, review websites, blogs, forums, PPC, email marketing, etc.

5. Back-up plans should be considered when employing risky link building tactics

This is very important, especially now that search engines are aware of exploits and black hat tactics. Your back-up plans will be your fallback in case they are identified.  While I’m not advertising the use of such sneaky strategies, it is still a fact that some web owners use them, intentionally or not, and so I advise everyone who uses black hat tactics to be smart enough to make a back-up plan to keep your site sustainable.  Try to never do something you can’t undo.

6. There will be unforeseeable times when you will get penalized of a recent search engine change

There is nothing perfect in this world, and that’s why there is change. That also goes for the updates and changes with the search engines. Sometimes, even the most law-abiding businessmen will get caught doing something against a new law which they did not intend to do, and they get castigated for that. But still life must go on because that’s just part of the business.  Unforeseeable as it may be, it is still possible to go on without having to worry too much about the collateral damages incurred, and that is by employing varying strategies to keep the website alive.

7. Some sites will eventually need to unwillingly fall into using ‘unnatural’ strategies

Businesses have to take a lot of risks in order to sustain the marketability of their products. Web builders, like their traditional business counterparts, will also sometimes need to make some risky decisions to remain on top of the SERPs, because like it or not, search engines will find things they don’t like and will do something about it in the future, and you will have to pay dearly if your tactics belong to their ‘list of things we find unfair to us’, unless you take a stand for what you really think is right.

Building your own backlinks is a perfectly valid way to build traffic to your website, but you can also outsource backlink building to for a cheap price so you that you can concentrate on doing what you do best.