What is black hat SEO?

In this modern era,  we see various modern technologies coming up every day; SEO is one of the most popular technological services of this modern world. Now the question that might pop up is: What is SEO and what makes it so important and popular?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a tool or service that helps companies in creating brand awareness by enhancing their visibility. SEO does this by increasing the positioning of websites in the search engine results via optimization of keyword density and designing links on the site, as an outcome of this improved ranking we see high user movements and views of the website, thereby increasing the popularity of the company itself. In this competitive global market, a business finds it very difficult to survive, grow and attract customers when they already have countless competitive options available out there in market. To gain attention of target audience and create good customer relationships, businesses use the services of search engine optimization so they can work as per the needs and wants of their customers but in doing so they at times go off the hook and break policies of search engine optimization. This is why people have started questioning this technological service on ethical grounds and it is now the most debatable topic round the globe.

How do we define unethical SEO?

SEO is a strategic marketing tool that has become an important service since the emergence of internet marketing. But with time, we also see certain unethical practices emerging in the field of search engine optimization. The unethical SEO is also known as Black Hat approach that involves below belt techniques. Another term interchangeably used for unethical SEO is “SPAM”.  This process is aimed at manipulating or tricking market to get a quick jump in ranks in search engine results.

There are various techniques used for black hat approach, these include:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Link farming
  • Content scrapping
  • Link spam
  • Content farms

The most problematic method of unethical search engine optimization is ‘Content Farm’ that involves writing abundant junk content with certain highly searched key words and creating low quality articles just to enhance visibility on internet and ensure clicks so as to earn the money from advertisements, this unethical practice leaves a negative impact on users as it indicates low quality of search engines.

Another well-known approach of black hat practice is keyword stuffing. This includes stuffing an article, web page or site with keywords written in such a way that it is hidden from human visibility like writing keywords in white color on white background, covering keywords with pictures etc. The sole purpose is to trick search engine spiders. The unethical search engine optimization methods like link farming does activities like developing fake doorways or websites that carries the link to the main website and at times companies spam blogs to gain attention known as link spamming. All these practices comes under unethical SEO.

Repercussions of Unethical SEO

There is always a bad time and a good time, using a Black Hat SEO a business might unethically earn a good time but they must not forget the repercussions of an unprincipled search engine practice.

First and foremost, the results of the black hat are though fast but they are only short term. If you want successful long term outcomes you need to resort to ethical techniques. Also one must keep in mind that wrong ways of enhancing ranks on search engines can be detected and once it is detected, it may result in penalty being imposed. The search engines may take out the links to our website from their results completely. One may also land in legal penalties as a result of black SEO, if copyright laws are violated through plagiarism which means copying information without taking the exclusive rights from author. Another tactic of unethical search engine optimization that we call spamming can also result in legal penalty imposition as it hampers the usability.

What is an ethical practice of SEO?

Ethical search engine optimization is often used interchangeably with the term known as White Hat SEO. Ethical search engine optimization involves principled methods that follow or coincides with the rules and code of conduct of search engine optimization to improve their level in the search engine results. These practices are carried out in such a way that it is visible to humans unlike the case of Black hat SEO also the ethical search engine optimization techniques does not involve any act of tricking, cheating or manipulating.

There are various tactics that can be practiced to make search engine optimization an ethical service. These techniques include activities like writing good quality articles with relevant information and then incorporating certain keywords but in an optimized density.  A business develops links in such a wa that every new web page has a separate link also one can develop a website in a manner so as to include the links on it. Instead of plagiarizing, to eradicate the ethical dilemma in SEO one can post comments and relevant answers on message boards and blogs to catch attention, besides this a business needs to keep researching so they stay steadfast, updated and ready on their toes with new information regarding the popular keyword search instead of keyword stuffing and content farming. This will not only yield long term results but also will develop a relationship of trust with consumers. His will result in a win-win situation as you will reach your goal and the users will get rid of search engine results that are worthless and waste of time. The more a user finds the website easy to surf with interesting content the more they will be inclined to explore other options on the site, hence to gain an edge over competitors( some of which are resorting to wrongful SEO practices), a business should make website user friendly, attractive and design a sitemap for the easy surfing of users.

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