How to Rank High Competition Keywords

Attempting to rank high competition keywords can very costly and difficult to achieve due to intense competition from established websites.  One of the shortcuts to ranking high competition keywords is to use a link wheel backlink strategy.

What is a Link Wheel?

A Link Wheel is a network of websites (commonly used by Web 2.0 sites) and blogs connecting to each other, which will link them to your website and helps your site to rank up in Google’s front page.  The network of microblogs and web 2.0 sites can vary from 6 to as much as 116 for each link wheel.  As discussed earlier, this traditional diagram is mostly susceptible to being tracked by Google. This is not entirely discouraged, so to say, but it is not verily acceptable in the eyes of Google. The strategy up-ranks your site by linking microblogs and websites with each other and then eventually, these sites will all point directly to your site. Because of the structure and because a lot of people have used this for quite some time, Google may be able to trace it back to your site and you may face sanctions for it. But there is another way of promoting your site without being mapped out. And I will show it to you now.

A Proven Link Wheel Strategy

The main purpose of this diagram is to protect your site from being penalized by Google.  As you can see in the diagram above, the ‘wheel’ structure is still there, but instead of closing up the circle and linking it directly to your site, we will cut the circle pattern and point them to another web 2.0 site which will then be linked to your site. By using this structure, your site will be protected from being tracked and fined in case Google finds out.  So basically, what it does is it filters all these websites in the circle into one web 2.0 website, and then the web 2.0 site where the others are directed will all be linked to your site. It’s quite a powerful tool in letting all those networks of links bounce to your site without being found by Google. Once you’ve established this first network, you can then create more circles to optimize the linkages. But bear in mind that you should pick a different web 2.0 properties to make it seem normal.

The Content of the Link Wheel

As much as possible, I would recommend using original content for each links in the Link Wheel. Try to be as unique as possible to avoid being removed by moderators. But if you want to save on your resources for other projects, you can use a spinner to spin the articles and submit them to each links in the network. You can use The Best Spinner, created by Jonathan Leger, or any other spinners for this purpose. Doing so can generate 3 to 5 (or more) spun articles using 1 unique web content.  If you’re opting for original contents, however, do try to make the articles different from each other. For instance, if your website is about cellphones, make a variety of articles from that, such as reviews, product specifications, troubleshooting, news, and all others pertaining to or in relation to what you’re website is about.

Web 2.0 sites which are useful for building a Link Wheel

Here, I present a list of Web 2.0 sites which you can use for your Link Wheel. They are presented in alphabetical order, and all these sites are well established PR9 to PR6 sites. They are the most popular and most reliable sites as preferred by Google. You can also add other websites which you think may be very useful in your Link Wheel. The websites are as follows:

I will reiterate here that for your link wheel to be effective, it is imperative to use original web content than spinning one to generate more. Also, make sure that the contents are easily readable and in connection with the topic of your site.

Backlinking and Updating Web Contents

Backlinks allow you to monitor web pages that are linked to your posts. This can be done by using user comments, social bookmarking, RSS Feeds, forum profiles, etc. Using backlinks will also let you promote your link wheel to increase traffic to your site.
In addition, you can use backlink tools and checkers which are offered by many websites for a small fee. These tools are the ones who will do the job for you in promoting your link wheel with quality and they generate so much so it helps you build more popularity fast.

Update your web contents periodically

Like back links, it is also important to note that updating posts on the websites and blogs in your link wheel is important. You can do this once or twice a month, depending on your capability to do so. The reason for this is because it helps to bring in fresh content to your link wheel, which gives greater chances of generating more web visits, and relatively, a higher ranking in search engines. Web visitors love new contents, hence, it is very important to update periodically. offers unique tierd link wheellink building, and custom SEO services at affordable prices that provide long lasting, high return on your investment.