Introduction to backlinks and link building

What are backlinks?Get backlinks

Links pointing towards your website from a 3rd party website are called backlinks. It is very important to get backlinks in order to your website ranking. When we talk about off-page SEO we are referring to the process of link building. It is very important to have a well defined strategy in order to get backlinks. On-page SEO is easy to implement as the entire exercise is executed by the web development team. However, in case of off-page SEO we get dependent on other websites and users in order to get backlinks. Despite putting in the effort sometimes the articles get rejected, the directories don’t approve your listing and sometimes the webmasters don’t read the email regarding reciprocal link exchange.  However, a systematic approach can help us achieve our link building goals.

Benefits of getting backlinks

Link building campaign is essential for all those who desire to achieve online success for their business. Once you begin to get backlinks you will notice an improvement in the performance your website. Backlinks help in off page search engine optimization by creating a channel to drive traffic to your site. Backlinks also help in improving the page rank of a site. Search engines like Google look at many factors before assigning a page rank to a site and backlinks is one of the most important considerations.  Your site will be considered as an authority in its niche only if it has good number of quality backlinks. It is important to note here that Google will look at the number of links pointing to your site and it will also check how many links are relevant to the content of the site. Therefore, link building should be carried out in a planned manner.

How backlinks should be structured?

It is important to develop a strong link building strategy. It would be good if you can do a keyword research and use the keywords as anchor text while inserting a link. Keywords are very important. People surfing on the net are using these keywords to search information relevant o your site. If you insert anchor text then your site will show up for relevant searches. Just putting the URL of your site will also help in achieving the goal but it will not be as effective as the usage of anchor text.

Get backlinks – White Hat Approach

There are many ways by which you can get backlinks in a natural way. You can even trade or buy links but what you actually need to understand that is that quantity is not the only thing that is required you will have to focus on quality as well. White hat approach focuses on building quality backlinks in natural way. The concept behind backlinks is that if a webpage is good then other websites would like to link to it. A page having good number of quality backlinks is valued by search engines like Google. But in reality many times inspite of having good content it is difficult to get backlinks. Good content is necessary but at the same time it is very important to have a link building strategy. It is very important to get backlinks in the correct way that is acceptable to the search engines.

If your site is new then the first aim should be to get backlinks from blog commenting, article submission, website submission to various directories and forum posting. Link building is very important but sometimes website owners get desperate and think of getting too many links in a short span of time and land up linking to spam sites or link farms.

Getting listed in web directories is important. This not only gives you a back link but also improves the visibility of your site. There are many well reputed web directories out of which submission to directories like DMOZ and Yahoo is a must. The only issue with directory submission is that it can take anywhere between one to three months to approve the links. Another good option is to give free RSS feeds to other sites and if you are willing to spend some amount from your pocket you can try Affiliate programs. You can also submit press releases to some high PR sites. This would greatly enhance the traffic to your site.

Avoid wrong practices to get Backlinks

Make sure that the inbound links to your site are more than the outbound links. When you go for link exchange make sure that the site you link to is not a link farm or is not blacklisted by Google. Also avoid linking back to sites that don’t have content relevant to yours. Avoid getting into link exchange programs. Linking to wrong sites can ruin all the efforts that you put into your SEO campaign.

Follow these Tips to Get Backlinks

If you want to get backlinks all by yourself then you will have to invest at least one hour daily on this exercise. By investing little time everyday you will be able to improve the page rank of your site within a short span of time.  First of all register with the local business directories, review sites, and organizations. While getting backlinks see to it that you get some links for all pages and not just for the home page. Deep linking is liked by all major search engines. Before you start off with the campaign to get backlinks you must prepare a list of important keywords. These keywords can be used as anchor texts at the time of link building. Make sure you advertise your website properly on various online classifieds. Even if these ads don’t help in sales they will definitely provide a good quality link. Make sure that the ad content has the necessary keywords.

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