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Have a question for us? Check out the FAQ page first and if it’s not covered there, just fill out the contact form with your details or give us a call and we will get back to you ASAP.

Support Hours

Contact our friendly support team can be reached Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm, Pacific Time – limited email support is also available during weekends and holidays.

We take pride in the quality of the support you get from us, so contact within business hours (9AM-5PM weekdays), we usually reply to support requests and questions in 8 hours or less. Outside that time interval or on weekends / holidays, we try to reply as soon possible, and usually do so within 24 hrs of receiving the your message.

Any Pre-Sale or Post-Sale inquiries about our link wheel packages or any other services are welcome here as well as any other questions or suggestions regarding our services or our company.

What countries and languages does your services work for?

We are able to build Link Wheels and provide provide effective SEO services for any country and any language.   In fact, 75% of our customers are in international markets and search engines.

How does the link building order process work?

  1. You place order via shopping cart for package(s) you desire and pay via PayPal.
  2. Within 24 hours one of our SEO consultants will email you asking for your keywords phrases and destination URL’s for the project.
  3. You send us back your keywords phrases and destination URLs, then we perform a quick sanity check on your keywords to make sure the project makes sense. If not, we provide some limited free guidance on choosing alternate better low competition keywords.
  4. We complete the project, and email you a report of the sites used for backlinks.
  5. All done!

How do I choose appropriate keywords?

This is a potentially complicated subject and requires some homework on your part to research “keyword planning” (search google).  Hopefully you already know what keywords you want to focus.  For the average savvy user  I think the best tool is Google’s Adword keyword planner.  Even though it’s intended to use for Google pay per click advertising, it makes a great tool to discover keywords and tells you immediately what keywords are low competition (best for targeting) relating to words used to describe your product or service.  If you feel you need help with keyword selection, we offer separate hourly consulting and even monthly managed SEO campaigns.

Can you give some examples of keywords that work best with your Link building services?

Niche markets are the best type of low competition keywords or keyword phrases and more effective for Link Wheels.  Niche Markets are sub-markets that are part of a larger product or service market.  Link Wheels are most effective for niches such as the name of a small town plus a product such as “yuma pool supply” or “colfax gold rush tour”.  Other effective examples are “basketball forum”, “castle timeshare”, “underwater wedding”, “plastic unicycle”, the more specific and unique the better while still being relevant to your product or service or blog topic.

High competition generic keywords such as “accident lawyer”, “accountant”, “vitamins”, “Internet” are not suitable for our link building packages and the cost to effectively target common single word keywords require vast ($100,000+ per month) marketing budgets to get any visibility.  We offer some limited assistance in choosing cost effective keywords during the order management process.

How long will it take for you to get results from link building?

Choosing larger packages will get you faster results because you get more back links and “more is better” when it comes to backlinks. Usually you will be able to see your rankings go higher within anywhere from two weeks to one month based on the existing competition for your keywords.  Higher competition keywords may take up to 6 months and may require a more custom and aggressive bundle of services from us.  We provide some guidance during the order process in regards to effective keyword choices.

Is it safe to make use of Link Wheel link building services?

Off-site (external) link building doesn’t require any modification to your website and has very minimal risks unless it spam like and created by bots.  Our legitimate Link Wheel 2.0 proprietary technique mixes the best and still valid and safe parts of classic link wheels along with modern link pyramids, tiered back links, private microsite networks, and some secret sauce of our own.  Due to the relevant and unique content we use, smart indexing and complex linking, even the latest Search Engine algorithm updates like our link wheels and are viewed as natural / organic by Google and all other search engines. Our services have been safely used on 5,000+ websites since 2010 without any negative results. Our proprietary link wheel 2.0 is not only the most efficient link building strategy but it is also one of the safest and cheapest approaches to legitimate link building and search engine ranking.  But be careful with black hat and too good to be true link builder sites that might get your site penalized.

What kind of assurance can I get for the money I spend?

We will make sure all the links that we build will be relevant and you will be provided a detailed report of what was created and where.  All the content that we submit will be highly relevant and unique, manually created using SEO expert writers.  We have been providing link building services since 2010.  We pride ourselves in doing quality work at affordable prices with fast turnaround times (guaranteed, in fact!).

Are the links you build natural or created by bots?

Our advanced Link Wheel backlinks are 100% natural and manually created.  We distribute parts of the orders to our different SEO experts so that IP addresses and computers used are random and more natural.  We ensure that all the backlink sites in the link wheel are hosted in different IP address space server pools.  We create articles and backlinks on a gradual time-release basis as well to further emulate human like behavior.  Don’t trust other link building services that just use spam bots or programs to create all your backlinks as they have high failure rates, results fade quickly, and in some cases get your site penalized.

Will the content you create be unique?

We have professional SEO writers who will create 100% unique content to use on your link wheel for the most effective results.  We never scrape content from other sites or plagiarize other content.

Is it possible to use the link wheel 2.0 along with other SEO services?

It is absolutely possible and recommended!  It’s a great to add-on to other SEO efforts and certainly just builds upon what you have done already or makes a great start to something new.  We have a proprietary list of sites in our network that we use that wouldn’t be duplicated with other efforts by yourself or another 3rd party so you have nothing to lose and only more backlinks and higher ranking to gain.

Am I allowed to target inner pages of my website?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to target the inner pages of your website too. It is totally up to you to choose the target URL.  Having unique landing pages for each keyword can increase the effectiveness and be great for tracking the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

What kind of link building can I do for myself?

Using high visibility Web 2.0 websites such as: FacebookTwitterFlickrPinterestWordPress and business directories (Yelp, Superpages, Manta, Foursquare, Yellowbook, etc) you can and should build pages for yourself or your business that you can then add links back to your website. It is important that in these pages you are creating useful and informative content related to your niche.  Links from pages with a high PR (Page Rank in search results) from a related niche will be the best type to increase your website rank. When you make use of Web 2.0 sites to create unique content and links to your website, you can tap into the high ranking of that high PR Web 2.0 site and boost your websites ranking. Combined with quality content on your website (text, pictures, videos, blogs), your pages will get better positions in the search results pages. Over time, your websites ranking will start growing on its own and this will further enhance the quality of the link wheel.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards via PayPal.

If you still have more questions or you want more information about our services, don’t hesitate to contact !

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