How to choose a linkwheel builder SEO service

Only hire an experienced quality Link Wheel Builder

Link wheel is a great way of improving your site’s Search Engine Optimization strategy and making it more effective. However, as most business owners are not fully aware of doing SEO for their own site they turn to SEO specialist firms and different link wheel building services to get the job done. Building effective link wheels is not an easy task, they look simple yet they require hard work and efforts to make them effective. Therefore, it’s important that you hire someone who knows their job and don’t end up creating problems for you because if link wheels are made poorly like every other SEO technique they have a bad effect on your rankings in long-term and might even get your site penalized on Google.

  • Do they have testimonials?
  • Do they have a phone number?
  • Do they have reviews on the internet?
  • What country are they located in?

What is a Link Wheel?

Link wheel is an off-page SEO technique that helps a site to get backlinks of high quality to improve its rankings in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The concept of link wheels is quite simple but it gets complex when you begin building one. A link wheel’s job is to create a circular pattern of links passing through several external websites and linking back to the ‘target website’. The circular pattern formed as result of this technique pretty much looks a lot like an interconnected wheel and that explains how it got its name as well.

In the beginning, link wheels were pretty basic and easier to trace as well (not good – more on this later). However, with the passage of time link wheels became advanced and more complex so that it’s not easier for search engines to track them. As a result the target website’s rankings improve and it stays up there for a long time. Let’s move on and see why you should hire a link wheel service provider.

Why Should You Look for a Reliable Link Wheel Building Service

The link wheel in the end is just a technique to create backlinks to your site and you might be wondering why you should go for link wheel services when it’s just a simple task, after all. Obviously there are a quite a few reasons to hire a link wheel company to get the job done. Let’s have a look at them:

  • You don’t have any hands on experience with link wheels.
  • You know only about making basic link wheels, but you don’t have any experience of making advanced and complex link wheels.
  • You are busy in other core activities of your business and don’t have time to spare for building high quality link wheels – even if you know how to make link wheels.
  • You have some basic knowledge regarding SEO and link wheels, and working on link wheels can create a lot of problems if you don’t do it properly.
  • They aren’t too cheap.  $5 link wheels are obviously not going to get your the results you are looking for.  Anything under $100 is probably some bot created random links and not a real link wheel.

These are pretty much the basic reasons as why you should go for a link wheel company and hire a specialist, who knows what they are doing. The reason of hiring a specialist link wheel company is that if you your link wheel is not perfect or good enough then Google will be able to track it and find out that after all, all the sites are interlinked to one another by you and it’s like you’re vouching for yourself which is pretty much conflict of interest and Google along with other major search engines don’t really appreciate it. This can results in your website getting smacked down in the rankings – obviously you don’t want that.

Best Practices of High Quality Link Wheel Services

Now that you want to take services of a link wheel company, you might be wondering how to choose the best one because there are myriad of such companies out there – all prying their eyes on your business. Obviously, some of them are good, some better and some are just all talk and no results. Let’s have a look at some common (yet important) practices of high quality link wheel services:

  • Writing and using high quality and unique content.
  • Manual submissions over automated ones.
  • Using different IP addresses to ensure variety for submissions.
  • Utilizing random or natural linking patterns to make link wheels appear made by humans instead of a bot.
  • Using Social Media signals and fitting target keywords in the posts’ descriptions.
  • Continuous updates on website with fresh content.
  • Social bookmarking to make sure the site reaches out to other places of web.
  • Using technique of drip feed indexing to attract search engines in coming back to the site.
  • Creating posts, links and everything else relevant to your site’s niche.

These are important practices that a reputable link wheeling company should be doing. Moreover, if it’s a good company then you will be able to find the references as well. Don’t just jump in and hire any Joe to do your job. This is important, so take your time and hire specialists to get a link wheel for your site and create quality backlinks. offers the best link wheellink building, and custom SEO services at affordable prices and high return on investment.