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Link Wheel Creation Service

The growth of the internet has led to the growth of websites and increase in the number of hosted websites. In any given niche, there are several websites that optimize for the same keywords thus creating competition with every website looking for visitors to view their pages. This is where internet marketing comes in to help promote websites for better rankings. One of the ways of promoting sites is through search engine optimization which involves several techniques with one of them being link building. Link building is the creation of various links within a website and others between the given sites to other external sites.

The Next generation Link Wheel

Due to the stiff competition experienced over the internet by websites, the link wheel took a new turn and has a new face. Though, it maintained the wheel shape. In this latest model, the specific site being targeted for promotion is in a form that is the same as a wheel’s hub whereas all the other sites link to each other to form a circular shape like that of a wheel which usually surrounds the hub. Forming a shape similar to spokes, every website linked together in the wheel has a specific link to the original site that is being marketed. With every site linking to the parent site, the number of the links created is drastically increased and thus its visibility.

And because of black hat marketing techniques with definite patterns that are considered by search engines as malicious, the link wheel has to maintain an organic and smooth flow of links without making it appear as having a specific pattern through randomization.

The Basic Link Wheel Strategy

This consists of one wheel that is made from web 2.0 properties with each linking to the property next to it to form a circular pattern resembling that of a wheel. Every property is also linked to the parent website which is targeted for marketing. The advanced link wheel strategy has taken over the basic one which was well liked and is no longer used as before.

The Advanced Link Wheel Strategy

This is a standardized strategy utilized in every package of link wheels and was created by LinkWheeler. The principle behind the advanced link wheel strategy is randomization that utilizes a combination of article submission, properties of web 2.0 and even blog posts to create the wheel. In addition to these, it also comprises of sets (several link wheels that are small in size) as well as a randomized break found within every set.

The Functioning of Link Wheels

As an SEO techniques, internet marketers use link wheels to market sites by optimizing them for particular keywords relevant to common user queries to ensure that they are displayed in the first pages of search engine results.  The reason every site fights to be on the first page is due to the fact that users barely visit other search result pages in search engines but the either the first or second page. Link wheels mainly use back links to optimize a website in order to improve its ranking in search engine results. Back links, which connect from external sites to a parent site, is a major factor that determines how a site is ranked by search engines and they are also called incoming links and thus the significance of link wheels.

The various sites in the wheel that directly link to the parent site (target site), increase the number of incoming links to the given sites. This in turn improves the chances of the parent site appearing on the first pages of search engine queries and thus improving its visibility since internet users have the chance to visit them since they are easily accessed.

Link wheels are also a good source of informative resources that are captivating to the readers viewing them. A good example or portrait of the link wheel is when internet users visit a certain site relevant to the kind of information they seek. Within the site, the user will be able to see several links to other sites with similar information presented in the site being viewed. Those links connect to external sites that also have links to other site with each of them also having links to the original site which is being promoted for an improved visibility. As much as the original website benefits from the link wheel, all the sites that make up the link also benefit from these links that act as back links to all of them.

The legitimacy  of Link Wheels

When link wheels are used right as required with moderation while ensuring that the quality of content is always top notch, websites will always rank well in search engine results. Otherwise, just like other SEO techniques, if used poorly with bad intentions of tricking the search engines, they will be banned for sure. This means that the authority / trust of link wheels depends on its use as explained above.

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