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SEO and the Success of Any Target Website

Buy Backlink SEO Service for great results, the success of any target website depends on:

  1. traffic
  2. conversion

And we all know that those two factors go hand in hand for good link building strategy. The better, more focused the traffic is, the more conversions you will get. And there is no better traffic than Organic Traffic coming in from keywords that fit the content of your website!

Why Organic Traffic is the Best

It really is easy to understand why Organic Traffic is the best:

  1. It is FREE targeted traffic.
  2. It is quality incoming traffic and leads directly to what you’re offering.

And, because of that, the conversion rates are the highest. But getting Organic Traffic is either very expensive (Pay Per Click / Adwords, etc.) or very costly (time and money) if you plan on doing it by optimizing and expanding the content of your website.

ON-site SEO Versus OFF-site SEO

The very basic principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are ON-Site SEO (content and tech used on the web hosting and website) and OFF-Site SEO (building links and a social media presence). ON-Site SEO is typically very costly and difficult so is done not very often, but OFF-Site SEO or link building is something that is easy, inexpensive, and can be refreshed when a boost is needed.

Order a tiered backlink package now and get a big ranking boost in search results!

Link Wheel example

Most Effective Link Building Strategy

The most effective link building strategy to do off-site SEO and build quality backlinks is to use a correctly built advanced Backlink Service that is based on well written keyword rich articles.

LinkWheel.Pro Interlinks Content

What does is to interlink all it’s content into a circular or tier-like structure with links to your website. This increases the link juice that gets directed to your website. And because of this unique linking pattern, the link juice not only gets directed to your website, but it gets directed to the mini-sites involved in the tiers of the backlinks.  This will help the Backlink Service get indexed into the search engines and will direct your unique keyword traffic (aka organic traffic) to your website.

Get the power of next generation Link Wheel SEO for your website now with our Link Wheel Creation Service!
Link Wheel Basic$59one time fee

20 Web 2.0 Backlinks

100 Media Backlinks

1,020 Tier 2 Backlinks

19,000 Tier 3 Backlinks

~50% Do-Follow/No-Follow Backlinks

Contextual Blog posts and User Profiles

From Trusted Domains With High PageRank And High Domain Authority

Mix of Follow and No-follow

Full Report provided

You provide:

1) URL (one only)
2) Keywords (anchor text) (1 to 5 maximum)
3) Short description about your website (160 characters max)

14 Day Delivery*

Most Popular
Link Wheel Pro$99one time fee

Tier 1:

15 High Authority Web 2.0 Properties Including Login Details

10 PBN posts

5 High DA Bookmarks with Login Details

1 short video & 10 video upload

10 EDU and Gov backlinks

5 Image Sharing Site

2,000 Social Media Share

Tier 2:
1,000 Do Follow Backlinks

Tier 3:
10,000 GSA Verified Backlinks

Links Submitted Manually and Live for Lifetime of the Link.

DoFollow / NoFollow Mixed

100% Google Friendly White-Hat SEO

On Time Delivery

Customer Service

*Under 14 Day Delivery includes full report

Best Value
Link Wheel Ultimate$199one time fee

Tier 1:

20 PBN posts

30 High PA / DA Web 2.0

2 short video & 20 video upload

20 EDU and Gov backlinks

10 Image Sharing Site

5,000 Premium SEO High Authority

Tier 2:
3,000 Do Follow Backlinks

Tier 3:
30,000 GSA Verified Backlinks

Links Submitted Manually and Live for Lifetime of the Link.

DoFollow / NoFollow Mixed

Only English Websites/Articles Accepted

100% Google Friendly White-Hat SEO

On Time Delivery

Customer Service

*Under 14 Day Delivery includes full report

* Delivery time is listed in business days and not calendar days. Business days are Monday – Friday.

So what’s the deal with backlinks? If they’re so good, why doesn’t everyone use them?

First of all, there’s the time to build a decent quality backlink service to buy with a well hand written article posted to 10+ web 2.0 blog accounts take many hours. The talent needed to plan the SEO linking, time to write the article, the time taken to create new blog accounts, post the articles, and create the report is too much effort for most backlink service providers.

You get what you pay for is an old idea, but an important one. Quality backlinks pay off quickly!  Our pricing is rock bottom for a USA based company.

We create our backlinks using the latest popular blogging and article platforms such as:,,,,,,,,,, and more!

Here’s what makes our backlink creation service more effective, affordable and safe compared to the other link wheel services out there.

price vs quality

Zero Footprint Creation

We use a random linking pattern which ensures no actual footprint is created. Most of the other link wheels use the classic standard pattern which creates an easy to spot footprint and because of that it will get flagged by Google and your site will get penalized or the best case scenario is that the links from the link wheel will have no effect (partial match penalty – unnatural links to your site – impacts links)

High Quality Content

We also use high quality content which gets indexed faster, ranks better and stays alive. Other link wheels used an auto-spun article, which will result in the article not being readable (in most cases it’s complete gibberish) and because of that it doesn’t get indexed fast, it doesn’t rank well because it’s low quality and it usually gets deleted in 2-4 week, so your link will be deleted as well and because of that, your rankings will drop back to where you started.

Social Media and Tier 2

While almost all others out there use only web 2.0 sites to build their link wheels, we use social media and tier 2 links to make the link wheel more natural and more powerful.

Manually Built Links

We build the link wheels manually. Using automated tools like bots or seo software to build a link wheel leaves a clear footprint which will definitely lead to a penalty.

Indexed Links and Properties

While most others don’t do this, we index all the links / properties we build. If links don’t get indexed, they don’t count, and that pretty much makes the link wheel useless (and it’s one of the reasons why you don’t see a rank increase after building or purchasing a link wheel).

The primary value you are receiving with our advanced link wheels is that this strategy of link building is affordable, safe and effective, but here are a few more ways in which our link wheel service will help your website be successful:

Our link wheel service offers one of the lowest price per indexed high quality backlinks available – and even outsourcing your link wheel building will not make the cost per high quality manually created backlink go lower than what we have to offer.

We use high quality content and the right web 2.0 properties and social media platforms – this provides the best quality link wheels and assures you that your backlinks won’t get deleted soon after they are created like many lnikbuilding services offerings.

You don’t have to worry about future Google Updates – because our backlinks are high quality, our link wheel builds tend stand the test of time and none of our clients have been penalized.

More time for you – if you are thinking about building a link wheel yourself, just think about how much time you would have to spend writing the content, creating the properties, linking them together and finally indexing them.  It would likely 50-100x the cost of hiring to build one for you.  Take the easy choice, have us take care of backlinks and get back to doing what you do best.

The End Result > you will get a boost in search engine rankings which will increase organic traffic and referral traffic from the link wheel properties and this will lead to more conversions and more profits.

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Payment Methods And Security

Link Wheel Pro does not request, obtain or has any kind of access to your payment details. All payments are processed securely by PayPal. Once your payment is sent and processed, we only receive a confirmation that your payment was credited to our account. You don’t necessarily need a PayPal account in order to pay. You can use your credit card, debit card or you can even pay using bank transfer / direct debit / eCheck. Paypal accepts the following payment methods.


We take pride in the quality and promptness of our services. We back that up to all of our clients by offering a 100% money back refund guarantee if the work is not delivered within the specified time frame, no questions asked!

And if you have any other questions about our other SEO, Link Building Services, or if you are looking for Custom SEO Services for your website or business, feel free to contact us anytime.