What makes a bad link wheel?

A link wheel is a way to use search engine optimization to get visitors to your website by placing links in well-written content on other websites. You get traffic to your main site from these links but you can have problems with these link wheels. Here are some warning signs that your link wheel is a poor one.

Poor Quality Websites

You can’t just create content on any old website you need high-quality content for your links. The site should have a high page rank and the site must have good quality. It won’t work if you try to link to a bunch of spam sites as this will only hurt you. The content must therefore enhance the experience of the user. Look for high quality sites to link when you create a link wheel. You must think quality first above everything else.


You don’t want to automate this as search engines such as Google are picking up on these poor techniques and this wil get detected. Your page rank will be lost and your site could even be de-indexed by using this type of strategy. In the past this may have worked but now it’s just not the strategy you want to use even if it looks attractive to you.

Anchors all the Same

You want to vary your anchor text so you’re not sending the same anchor text to each site. With varied anchor text you won’t be seen as a spammer trying to send the same link all the time. You want to have links in different websites and have those anchors using various keywords not all the same words this is a spam tactic. If you have links to 50 websites all using the same keyword then this will be a huge spam indicator for the search engines.

Poor Domains

Don’t link with low authority domains as this isn’t going to get you the traffic that you want. The domain should get a good amount of viewers for the links to work. If the quality of the content is there this is important but you also need authority so the links actually get clicked on by users. If the website has tons of excellent content but 25 visitors each day this won’t benefit you.

Linking Too Much at Once

Don’t go crazy with link wheels and link too much too soon. You want this to be a slow process that occurs over time. If you link all at once tons of content, then this will be picked up as spam. Start your link wheel off slowly and build it up over time with high quality links.

A link wheel can work for you if you approach it in the right way. Above all you want to ensure you link with high quality content and websites with authority and reputation online. This is the best way to get your website noticed. Make the link wheel work for you and not against you with a sound strategy.

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