Link Building Tactics you don’t want to use

SEO has been a long old tradition. Ever since mankind had the privileges that the World Wide Web can offer, we have been randomly and intentionally looking for answers in it.

While the web continues to grow, it has sprouted many things that up to now become a matter of essence to the network. But there are also some that were left behind with the evolution of Search Engine Optimization. Here are five of them:

1. Unnatural Anchor Text

While we were used to titles where most of the keywords can be found, the trend today doesn’t agree with it. That is because according to Google, such unnatural-looking anchor text is deemed artificial and would in turn tear you away from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

2. Bad Content or program created mass content

This is a horror film waiting to happen. Aside from making the article look spammy, bad content does not help anyone. For lack of quality, originality, and basically nothing but a rip-off of some original contents, this is mostly generated for the sake of getting the link juices that will be attributed to it. Add to that the overly used keywords typed in just for the sake of getting spotted by search engines. This is outright dreadful, and leaves legitimate articles running towards their deserved value. Stumbling upon ill-created (and ripped-off) content after another is the most frustrating thing for anybody who is searching for some useful information. Not very cool.

3. Exact Match Domains

After Matt Cutts, head of search spam for Google, announced the birth of ‘a new algorithm that will reduce low-quality ‘exact-match’ domains in search results’, the search engine world has changed ever so significantly.

Before, when people type specific keywords, those with domain names that are an exact match to the query are the ones who will most likely appear on top of the SERPs even though the contents are poorly made, just because the domain name is so influential, so much so that domains were being sold for an extravagant amount of money.

After Google has released the new trend, domain names are no longer the most important things for search engines to base ranks on. Now, SERPs not only look for great domain names, but also for well-written contents with quality links to back it up.

4. Sidebar/Footer Links

While there isn’t really any serious threat from using sidebars or footer links, there might be some things that might hurt your site: if your sidebar consists of random keywords with no exact relevance to the site, especially those pesky paid links that are just there for the sole purpose of sucking up the link juice.
Otherwise, footer links and sidebars are harmless things that just list the links within your site like a directory and nothing else.

5. Article Sites

General article sites used to be very useful for those who want to post contents and earn the complementary link juice thereafter. It was very cheap, very easy, and it seemed like a very good idea. But such sites do not serve their supposed purpose any longer and are more vulnerable to attracting poorly done content.
You might as well get linked to more trustworthy sites with the same purpose as yours, or get other similar blogs to link you.

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