SEO copywriting is the art of writing copy that also ranks well in search results.

It is relatively easy to do once you get some experience, and it’s an effective way to gain web traffic without spending thousands of dollars on external advertising.

If you have a website, odds are you are knowledgeable in your area of expertise.  Everyone has a their own unique view as well.  If you want to increase your web traffic you should try SEO copywriting article writing. Article writing based around keywords for SEO benefit is a highly important way of promoting your knowledge, trustworthiness, as well as your website.

The secrets of good writing are basically based on good content and flow of the article around a one to a few keyword phrases.

1. SEO copywriting is easier than your think

The number one idea that you need to know is that SEO article writing is not rocket science. Results will not depend on the beauty of article but in how informative your articles are and the flow of it.  The flow should lead a reader from the basic to the advanced concepts within the topic of your article, include clear sections of different thoughts or ideas within that topic (split by H2 tags such as this one).  While integrating your keywords or phrases into the content and/or H2 tags.

2. Make use Low competition Keywords

Articles written based on low competition keywords can be the most rewarding as they tend to rank quickly on search engines.  You must insert your keywords in the sentences in a clear manner and not just for high ranking purposes. Make sure also that the given keywords are only relevant keywords to your article topic. In addition, check your sentences after word insertion because there might be a possibility of confusing words and thoughts.  Take a break and come back later or the next day and do a fresh read.

3. Post them to social media

A great article has the potential to go viral.  Post them to forums and social media.  Make sure your articles have easy social media share buttons to help enable this activity.

4. Update your articles over time

Constantly tweak and update your articles to keep them polished and relevant.  It’s better to have a few great articles, then a bunch of poor ones.  They will build ranking over time as people share them and link to them.  The likelihood of this increases if the quality of your articles keeps evolving.  Do research of competitors articles on the same subject to ensure you aren’t missing any valuable information on your topic, but never plagiarize. offers SEO article writing services as part of our Custom SEO services.