Follow these Three Important Rules for building a better link wheel

When you build a website getting links form other websites is important. You want links on other sites to point to your content and one way you can do this is with a link wheel. You want your link on as many sites as possible but you also must be careful with this strategy for it to work for you.


Before you consider getting a lot of links you’ll need to ensure that the sites you intent to link with have high quality content. You don’t want to receivе penalties from the search engines because of poor quality content. You want to get organic traffic from top domains and not spam you links through tons of low quality websites. Always ensure that you link with good quality sites as this will make a big difference.

Your Links

You and the links to point to your website but you must ensure that the sites where your links are of quality. You don’t want to create too many links too quickly as this procedure is just going to backfire on you over the long run. Many people that create link wheels go into a spam mode and think more is better but this isn’t the case. You want a lot of links but you should do this slowly over time. Make sure you don’t use automated software to create spam as this is the wrong way to go about this. If you use software this is only going to get your site in trouble and your links won’t be effective. All this does is show that you’re a spammer who is desperate for links.

Don’t create a bunch of random profiles on sites and try to be more than one person to spam links all over the place such as forums or social media sites this isn’t the way you want to approach a link wheel. The way you wan to go about it is to provide engaging content for these sites along with your link. If you think that blasting your link randomly on tons of sites with fake profile s is going to work it won’t because the search engines see this as spam now and it’s the wrong way to get links to point to your site.

What you need to do is create one profile and then make useful content for people. If you do this your links will get passed around organically and you’ll have tons of links on other sites but it won’t be spam it will be real natural linking.

Get Out of the Spam Habit

The rule of more is better doesn’t apply to links any longer. You need links that are of quality and matter to the user. When you create good content this gets exchanged by users on social media sites or linked to from their own websites. Make sure your links are of quality and don’t use tactics to try and generate tons of links quickly. This should be a slow process where the links arе generated organically as this will bring you the most success.