Here are the 10 best secrets of building the best link wheel for a website:

It is always good to understand well why the secrets help in ranking the site.  Below are the secrets and an explanation of how they help.

1. Use unique, well written content

The use of high quality content is known to be a real boost of the building better link wheel. The reason is because, promoting and building websites, is an alternative that everyone needs to know about how to use the unique contents. When there are unique and well written contents, it is easier to get a website ranked high in different search engines. This attracts more visitors who visit the page.

2. Manual submissions

This is another good way of ranking sites. When it comes to to use the manual way in submitting articles of a link wheel, it is considered to be the best. This is because manual submission is easy to note a mistake. Also manual submission helps in building better ranks because the candidates working on it are professionals.

3. Using different IP’s for all the submissions

In order to succeed in SEO, it is always good to use different IP addresses. This helps in making sure that the submission is done differently. The most important thing is that, there is much benefit to the people use different IP addresses because it is a new rule that makes the website to rank high within a short time.

4. Link and anchor diversity (do follow/no follow links and different anchors, even generic ones)

The use of anchor text diversity is known to be the top way of ranking website high. This is mostly done by the SEO specialist. Also anchor diversity is very easy to use.

5. Using random linking patterns

The use of random linking patterns is another way of building the better link wheel. In order to make it work officially, the patterns used must be likable. This is the reason why random patterns are good to use in SEO.

6. Social media signals

When we talk about a social media signal, it is important to understand how well they work. However, for the beginners, it is good to choose the keywords that fit the Link wheel well. The reason is because, when using the social media signals, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and others, it is a must to post updates with relevant keywords. Also the use of social media signals is known to be another good way of building the best link wheel in the SEO. This is an effective method that brings the potential customers because it helps in increasing the Google rank within a short time.

7. Drip feed indexing

This is an effective way of ranking pages. It helps in publishing unique contents. Also this helps in keeping the search engines coming back now and then. The content published is known by the visitors of the site very easily.

8. Social bookmarking for a faster effect

Social bookmarking is another way of ranking the sites high on Google. It is clear that the use of social bookmarking is a way that many people use in ranking sites within a very short time. However, to work on this, some unique keywords are preferred.

9. Consistent regular updates

This is another way of building a link wheel that ranks high. It is always good to keep updating the posts and the contents. Also updating the websites also help in ranking it higher.

10. Keeping it relevant

This is a rule for all SEO specialists. Relevant contents, anchor text, post, blogs and others are all good aspects of building a link wheel. offers next generation link wheellink building, and custom SEO services at affordable prices and excellent ROI.